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Golf School Vacations
Are you looking for a golf school that will improve your game and your enjoyment on the golf course? Why not combine this learning experience with a golf vacation? The U.S. Schools of Golf has been around for three decades and provides unique learning experiences designed by teaching professionals for all skill level of golfers. With over 7o locations all over the US and in Canada, including some of your favorite golf destinations, you’ll be able to find the perfect place to improve your game. Locations include Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, San Diego, Asheville, Orlando, Charleston, Biloxi, Cape Cod, Hilton Head Island, Miami, Ocean City, Phoenix and more. They o er 1:1 and 2:1 ratios, plus you can choose to go to a golf school with your partner or child or your best golfing buddy.
U.S. Schools of Golf has built a reputation for teaching excellence based on results because, first and foremost, their golf instruction sta  is very knowledgeable about the fundamentals of the golf swing and all are e ective communicators with a minimum of 15 years teaching. Secondly, they establish the best environment for students to learn the game of golf. Finally, by conducting thousands of golf lessons each year, they continually sharpen their knowledge of the golf swing, perfecting their ability to analyze your golf
swing and to e ectively communicate the best course of action to help you improve.
The reason a custom golf school away from home is more e ective than golf lessons at your local course is that you are immersed in the ideal environment and focused only on the game of golf. Squeezing in a half hour golf lesson between rounds of golf, just a er a tennis match, or a er a long day at the o ce is not an e ective way to learn or refine motor skills. U.S. Schools of Golf has the significant advantage of having your a ention and your commitment for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 full days of golf instruction, with 40% of your time learning on the golf course.
You will learn to complement your strengths and concentrate on those aspects which need the most improvement. In an uncomplicated manner, instructors will help you understand the basic golf swing fundamentals and components of the proper golf swing made for your body type. Using high-speed video equipment, they will help you develop a more consistent golf swing that works with every club in your bag. Plus, you'll learn self- analysis and the proper way to practice.
By a ending one of the U.S. Golf Schools, you can achieve an understanding of golf swing fundamentals and ultimately maintain these correct concepts for the rest of your golfing life.

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